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H Capital Realty gives private investors the opportunity for investing in UK commercial property through tax efficient property syndication.  By financing purchases, it enables income returns to be enhanced.  Furthermore, these types of investments appeal to those high-net-worth individuals who have been dissatisfied with returns from other asset classes such as shares, unit trusts, deposit accounts etc as a result of the declining markets following the pandemic.

By pooling resourced and taking advantage of the opportunities that arise, as well as utilising the expertise of the team who can conduct due diligence and grasp off-market opportunities expeditiously, it means that viable investments are sourced and the team can also ascertain routes on how to enhance value prior to acquisition. 

Having H Capital Realty partnering, utilising a nominee company and/or a Trust structure, which is both tax transparent and tax efficient, also entices a variety of investors who wish to enter the UK Property Market and receive healthy returns on their investments.

It should be noted that all parties will have clear guidance at the commencement of the acquisition detailing the proposed strategies to enhance revenues and the potential exit point i.e., whether the plan would be to retain property in order to generate rental income over a longer period (this would be treated as an investment for tax purposes) or perhaps to develop property in order to sell it on at a profit in a shorter time frame (where the company will be treated as trading).

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Core Model

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Working with high-net-worth private investors, family offices and international and domestic institutional funds to invest in high yielding real estate opportunities.  H Capital Realty specialises in securing the best investments for investors and are able to recognise the potential for an uplift in rent and maximise the rental return.

H Capital Realty have the ability to add value by utilising our experience and professional knowledge, examples of this include planning applications, financial structuring of the deal and project/property management.

H Capital Realty specialises in achieving a 5-8% net rental yield on investments and purchase with a discount on the market price, therefore investors can also benefit from capital appreciation increasing the overall IRR for investors with an aim of a minimum 10%.


H Capital Realty prides itself on acquiring opportunities that can demonstrate great development potential and opportunities. 

The asset management division will look into Permitted Development Rights (PDRs), the rights to make certain changes to a building without the need to apply for planning permission and look to change user classes from commercial to residential, if deemed viable and profitable.  Applying their knowledge and contacts within councils nationwide H Capital Realty can maximise the potential of an asset as well as increase stable yielding opportunities.


H Capital Realty offers our partners a platform for real estate acquisitions and disposals. Acting as a broker between partners, institutional funds, family offices, and high net worth private buyers, H Capital Realty has successfully completed sales on multiple transactions including land, commercial and residential assets.

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