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Acquisitions Sourced

Opportunities Wanted: Buying

Seeking Off Market Opportunities

Our team of experts have the local knowledge, skills and experience to make prompt evaluation of suitable real estate  investment opportunities and are in a position to buy quickly.

We remunerate our contacts who can offer off-market introductions that lead to a purchase with attractive high-percentage agents fees.

Opportunities Wanted: Text

Preferred Criteria

  • Commercial or Mixed-Use Property 

  • Opportunities that have arisen because the property or portfolio has become distressed due to the demise of High Street shopping and the pandemic

  • Opportunities only in affluent areas of the UK with good transport links

  • Opportunities that self-finance their operation and debt at time of purchase

  • Opportunities that have re-development potential to create added value increasing IRR for our partners

  • Opportunities that give stable IRR 10% return on investment

  • Opportunities that demonstrate a defined exit strategy with enhanced asset value at time of sale

Opportunities Wanted: Text
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