London Reflections

Acquisitions Sourced


Seeking Off Market Opportunities

Our team of experts have the local knowledge, skills and experience to make prompt evaluation of suitable real estate  investment opportunities and are in a position to buy quickly.

We remunerate our contacts who can offer off-market introductions that lead to a purchase with attractive high-percentage agents fees.


Preferred Criteria

  • Commercial or Mixed-Use Property 

  • Opportunities that have arisen because the property or portfolio has become distressed due to the demise of High Street shopping and the pandemic

  • Opportunities only in affluent areas of the UK with good transport links

  • Opportunities that self-finance their operation and debt at time of purchase

  • Opportunities that have re-development potential to create added value increasing IRR for our partners

  • Opportunities that give stable IRR 10% return on investment

  • Opportunities that demonstrate a defined exit strategy with enhanced asset value at time of sale