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Our Team

Utilizing our team’s collective wealth of expertise within the real estate sector we have a solid track record of delivering revenue growth and securing multi-million-pound deals. 

The team are experienced and connected in traditional and emerging markets, as well as innovative industries. 

With over two decades within this sector, the team have generated a wide-ranging skillset and forged strategic alliances with affluent family offices, councils, financial institutions and fellow entrepreneurs, all of whom have benefitted from the opportunities the H Capital Group have presented to them. 

The H Capital Realty Team ensures that prudent research and development is performed on all investment opportunities and we do this by collaborating with all divisions of the H Capital Group including the legal team, planners, architects, asset managers, financial modellers, tax specialists etc.  By working in partnership within the Group we can assess opportunities more diligently and can identify all angles associated with a prospect, thereby receiving a comprehensive risk analysis at the early stages of the due diligence.

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